The Wrong Mommy

The Wrong Mommy Our film opens with some dude, dressed in black and sporting the badge of evil, a hoodie, stalking around the outside of the house, trying to get in through the windows but finding them locked, until finally resorting to his last choice... the Front Door.  Already I have my doubts about this dudes attempts to pull off whatever cockamamie plan he's cooking up.  Now in the house, this cat stalks around, looking in at the kid sleeping and then the couple sleeping before performing that most basic act of  a Wrong movie, placing hidden cameras in plain sight.   The Hibiscus really preferred water and sunlight It wasn't until I saw that fingernail polished hand that I realized that the dude stalking the house was supposed to be a woman.  Then when we eventually meet Phoebe as played by actress Ashlynn Yennie, there is nothing even remotely masculine about her.  So I don't know whether this was old footage they used or they simply didn't have any women around a

The Wrong Boy Next Door

The Wrong Boy Next Door So John (Travis Burns) is the Wrong Boy Next Door, and also the Wrong Boy to try to get to wear a shirt, but his aversion to shirts is neither here nor there, at least as far as the narrative of this movie goes, but it is clearly everything as far as the heart as the movie goes.  But is John really the Wrong Boy Next Door?  What we propose here is that Katie (Calli Taylor) is actually the Wrong Girl Next Door to be living to John, who is more or less the somewhat unstable boy next door who is getting a bad rap. Our film starts out with a young man in an empty house arguing with another man named Franklyn, played by Wrong stalwart Jason-Shane Scott, about how 'He's Out!', he says he can't do it anymore.  I'm not completely sure what this is all about or what he can't do anymore, but I know that Franklyn and this kid buys houses and flips them.  But I guess they do it illegally or something?  I'm unsure.  I do know that Franklyn is walk

The Wrong Stepmother

The Wrong Stepmother So I watch about two of these a week, I'd do more but I have a brain to maintain, and when I finally finish them up, which I hope to be sometime around May, assuming team Fox / DeCoteau don't make any more in the next few months, we're gonna give out our Wrong Awards.  I will have you know that in the category of Most KARAZAY, which will probably be the most prestigious of all of the awards, Cindy Busby's character of Maddie is going to be a tough one to beat. Not since Chris Klein have I seen so many glorious faces.  But we're only a third of the way through these and there have already been some fine contenders up to this point, with I'm sure more to come, but Maddie was taking it to another level. Note that Maddie has not achieved the title of Stepmother and is just a girlfriend hoping to be a stepmother.  And even though the team hasn't done The Wrong Girlfriend yet, I must assume they are saving that one for a very special occasion.