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My Sabbatical has ended.

Me and Film Critics United have been trudging along for going on five years now, almost non-stop, watching movies and piling up typographical errors but two months ago we finally hit the wall. We simply could not gather up the power to watch another movie as we had to decompress, regroup, refocus and do something else. Note in addition to caring for Film Critics United we also have tend to the Totally Twisted Flix television show, there's a full time job that occasionally needs my attention... since being an Internet film critic and the host of a television show that nobody watches doesn't pay all that well... not to mention a beautiful wife to neglect and a child to ignore, so we had to let it go for a while.

We weren't stagnant in those two months off however. For instance I broke out my power tools which I barely no how to operate and built a stand-up arcade cabinet which is sweet. If you are any kind man you have to have power tools even if you have no idea how to u…