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A Formal Apology

A few years ago I wrote a review of the movie 'Thirty Days of Night'.  That movie had no Black people in it, though the city of Barrow Alaska, where the movie takes place, does have quite a few Black people in its population.  I saw it in a documentary.  Nonetheless, I commented in that review that I observed that the movie didn't have any Black People in it and, tongue in cheek, passed it off as okay since Black people don't like cold weather all that much.  Well a young man not too long ago apparently read that and he was not happy.  I mean he was pissed.  He called me all kinds of dirty names and stupids and dumbs and basically said it's White people like me that give White people a bad name.  He also went on to tell me how much he loves cold weather and Ice hockey and Ice Coffee and frigid women and everything else cold.

Of course... I'm not a White person.  I kind of thought everybody knew that already, especially since I'm an international celebrity a…

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