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GO U.S.A!!!

In the first 'Transformers' flick when Bumble Bee transformed from an old '78 Camaro to a brand spanking new '09 Camaro the woman sitting next to me oohed and aahhed breathlessly saying that 'that's her dream car'. I was a little envious of that woman at that particular time because for a little more than 22G her dream car could be in her garage in the morning. My dream car on the other hand is a Jaguar XJ220 which, if you're really lucky, you might be able to track one down for a couple hundred thousand somewhere.

Regardless, even though the American Auto Industry is on thin ice on a warm summers day, I offer that GM with their Camaro, Chrysler with the Challenger and Ford with the Mustang have three of the hottest mass produced cars being sold on the planet earth right now. Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, VW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Suzuki... whomever... don't have anything in their respective lineups in this category, in my opinion, of these glori…

The new look of the Asian Male.

So the family finishes watching the Rugby flick 'Forever Strong' and while it is a typical sports movie filled to brim with cliche it was still entertaining. I'm in the middle of writing the review and click on the name of the star of that movie, this dude to my left, Sean Farris, to see what projects my man has coming up since he's not a bad actor and he was also pretty decent in the equally derivative 'Never Back Down'. One of these projects would be the video game flick 'King of Fighters' with Mr. Farris playing the lead role of Kyo Kusanagi. Allrightythen. Maybe its just me but I'm thinking this cat doesn't look like someone who would be named Kyo Kusanagi. I don't know what problems the suits in Hollywood have with Asian people, particularly Asian males, but they need to get over it. I guess this is nothing new, dating back to Charlie Chan and the late David Carradine get the nod over Bruce Freaking Lee for 'Kung Fu', but …

Taking a stand!

I know we're in a tough economy and all but enough is enough! So we're at the Rite-Aid and the boy wants a box of Mike and Ike's which at one time in this glorious nation of ours used to be one of the better uses of a dollar bill. I grab the box and observe it was smaller than usual, significantly so. Damn if Just Born Inc. hasn't shaved 25% off the regular 8 ounce box changing it to six ounces while keeping the price the same. What kind of mess is that? But it gets worse. The next week back in Rite-Aid the 'New' Mike and Ike's box has big yellow tag on it claiming to give you a '10% BOUNS!!!' bumping it's piddly six ounces up to 6.6 ounces which is STILL 1.4 ounces less than what it was a couple of weeks ago while still happily taking our dollar bill. Where I come from we call that the Okey-Doke. What we Americans need in our current situation of financial uncertainty is more confectionery sugar products for the money. What we don'…