Thursday, August 27, 2009

What happens to a dream deferred...

Years ago when working as a valet parking cars in my native St. Louis a particular car I jumped in was playing on it's cassette 'The Velocity of Love' by Suzanne Ciani. This particular car also had what looked to be a pound of weed wedged into its glove compartment, but that's another story for another time. Regardless, hearing this song was a revelation as I, at the time, considered myself to be some kind of musician and through this woman's music I had finally discovered the kind of sound I was meant to compose.

I brought every album this woman had made up to that point and dedicated myself to becoming a NewAge keyboard player. Yes, this is when people actually went to the store and paid for records. The unfortunate truth of the matter was that as a musician I couldn't carry Suzanne Ciana's jock strap, that is if she actually had the need for one... which I don't believe she does... but you get my point.

I mention this because a couple of days ago while cleaning out some old junk I stumbled upon my long forgotten, long neglected debut CD. Oh those were the days when me, my JV1080 and Cakewalk would crash Windows 98 time and time again. These days, as life has tragically passed me by, I only play the piano on rare church occasions or when I need music for some production and loops or stock music won't do but there was a time when I had New Age dreams my friends. I think I did song this about nine or ten years ago and we called it 'Something April Likes' because it was something that April liked. I'm not sure how this Streampad MP3 player thing works but I think you might have to skip past the Johnny Sokko Theme to get this song.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Not that this is a sports blog or anything but I am a sports fan and at one time I was a pretty damn good athlete. In fact many people likened my basketball skills to that of Michael Jordan. No joke. That is if Jordan couldn't jump, run, shoot, dribble or pass. Otherwise or games were virtually identical. But we're here right now to talk about my team... the Detroit Lions. This past weekend I fired up my energy sucking, enviroment destoryig Plasma TV and watched my Lions play the Cleveland Browns in totally worthless pre-season football in glorious HD and my Lions looked TERRIBLE. Matthew Stafford looked TERRIBLE. Daunte Culpepper looked okay and Drew Stanton actually looked pretty good again. However to steal a quote from a guy I heard on sports talk radio, as some Lions fans begin clamoring for Stanton to start the season, all that proves is that the Lions 3rd stringers are better than other teams 3rd stringers.

But even though the Lions looked awful and made the Browns look like the '89 49ers, it is just preseason football and it means nothing. Lions 2008 preseason anybody? I don't think anybody seriously expects the Lions to be any good this year anyway, say become the 2008 Miami Dolphins, and it will be a surprise if they win more than three games. I also don't know if Stafford is going to be any good either, and since my Lions drafted him the chances are that he won't be any good, but it was the kids first start and he's going to suck this year no matter how much or how little he plays. No, he won't become this years Matt Ryan who was blessed to hand the ball to Michael Turner 350+ times last year or Joe Flacco who was blessed to have one the best Defenses in NFL clean up his mistakes. Hopefully Coach Swartz will let the kid sit to start the season and let his 250lb veteran take the early abuse and hopefully win the city of Detroit a football game.

As a Lions fan I just hope they get that first win out of the way sooner than later because with each mounting loss the national joke just becomes bigger and bigger. And that win is coming. Guaranteed. So if your team is on the Lions schedule in 2009 you had best watch out because we are beating SOMEBODY this year.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I have nothing to say... this particular time. At least anything of any kind of value. However we do not want to let the FCU Blog lag so we will make a mindless post just to keep things moving. I may make another one tomorrow as well. Quell your excitement if possible. Let's see... I showed my 'green' side by buying a Plasma Television the other day. Next I'll purchase a Hummer H2 and run my air conditioning with the windows open. But this fifty inch LG does have an energy saving feature built in which in actuality means it uses less electricity than a 32 inch LCD. Thing is you actually have to 'use' this feature. Regardless... Plasma is SWEET! Watched some gawdawful preseason football on over-the-air HD and it looked so good I could almost smell the grass. Then we fired up some Soul Calibur IV and followed that up with '300' on defunct HD-DVD, The Look and Sound of Perfect... and it looks like I won't be desiring to buy a new TV for at least another three months.

Speaking of football season, words which warm my heart, it must be near because during this awful pre-season football game Peyton Manning attempted to sell me no less than 18 products.

I think we'll keep the football theme flowing on the next post with an examination of my beloved Detroit Lions. Take note NFL... we're beating SOMEBODY this year and that somebody just might be your team.