Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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Thousands of people have been asking me... 'Christopher, I never know when you update the FCU, you need to setup an RSS feed'. Okay, it was only one person... Kevin... but after lots and lots of research on how to do this, then realizing I'm not really all that bright and my research was leading nowhere, Imagine my joy to discover that Blogger does all that for you.

So for now on, whenever we throw something up on the FCU, because we often throw up pages but don't update the homepage or indexes for weeks, we will let the hungry public know via the blog.
Reviews recently posted are Seven Below, Lady Terminator (classic), Bad Ass, Another Earth, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, The Samaritan, Prisoner of the Lost Universe, Point Blank, Dysfunctional Friends, China O'Brien, Barely Legal (not by Hustler), Barbarian Queen 2, Air Collision, Transit, The Veteran, The Terror Experiment, Seattle Superstorm, Ninja the Final Duel, Jack the Reaper, Fireball, and Deadtime Stories 2.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Absolute Nerve...

I love the little mockbusting studio called The Asylum.  Sure they make largely terrible films, but to be honest with you, their pictures are the ones that keep the FCU turning.  Nobody actually cares to read what we think of... I don't know... 'The Hunger Games' because there are thousands of legitimate film critics reviewing that type of nonsense, but for something like Princess of Mars, as presented by The Asylum... not Disney... your choices are very few, we at the FCU are usually one of those very few choices.

So when somebody attacks The Asylum, and that somebody isn't me, I get upset.  More so when this person is biting the hand that fed it.  Say like Traci Lords.  We don't care that Traci was an underage porn star, and neither does she or she probably would've changed her name back to Nora Jean Kuzma on her path to becoming a 'legitimate' actress... I put 'legitimate' in quotes because in my heart of hearts I do believe porno actresses are legitimate.  Regardless, The Asylum was kind of enough to cast her in their film, which admittedly was awful, but the next thing you know Traci is telling the Huffington Post how ashamed she was to be in that movie.  Really Traci?  THIS you're ashamed of?  Not that she should be ashamed of 'Kinky Business' or 'The Night of Loving Dangerously'... not that I've seen any of those since that would be against the law... But Traci should proud of being cast in 'Princess of Mars'.  Or any Asylum movie for that matter.

Was Jaleel White ashamed of being in 'Megashark vs. Crocosaurus'?  Was Debbie Gibson ashamed of being in the original Megashark vs. Giant Octopus or Tiffany in the classic 'Mega Piranha'?  Did you read about Meredith Baxter being embarrassed about her role in 'Airline Disaster'?  I saw the movie... and yeah, maybe she should've been ashamed, but a true pro like Meredith would never bite the hand that fed her that day.  And as far as I know Jaleel, Debbie, Tiffany nor Meredith aren't on videotape blowing people.  As far as I know.  Not they should be ashamed of that if they are. 

Look, Nora Jean has had to overcome a lot on her path to legitimacy, and she's probably still hasn't arrived with a lot of middle aged men still stuck on remembering her as the chick in 'New Wave Hookers', all I'm saying is that perhaps a little gratitude is in order, as opposed to acid spitting.   Somebody go ahead and cast me in a movie and watch how grateful I'll be.  Within reason of course.