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WOOFF Episode 4 - Troops!

There are fan films, and then there's a whole separate genre called 'Star Wars Fan Films'.  Lisa, a self-avowed Star Wars fan girl, chose today's film, Troops, filmed all the way back in 1997.

Watch it here.

Listen to the podcast review here...

And here are our ratings of the film.  See if they line up with yours.

Lisa on Troops...

her tweet... Bad Boys- Bad Boys- What you gonna do when some Imperial Storm Troopers come for you? Run if you want, they always get their man.


The People vs. George Lucas

Recently we watched the documentary 'The People vs. George Lucas' which was pretty darned entertaining whether you are a Star Wars freak or just a casual fan... or even if you never heard of George Lucas.  I'm pretty casual in my fandom of Star Wars... more of a Star Trek guy... something we will have to discuss in a future podcast, with Lisa being firmly in the Star Wars camp.  Regardless here are our respective reviews of the documentary.

Chris's Verdict.

Lisa's Rebuttal

The Ladies of Adam Sandler pt. III

Finally, Rolando's shameless ranking of the ladies that have shown up in Adam Sandler movies is coming to a close.  While we here at the FCU are opposed to the mindless and baseless exploitation of women in cinema, and find the practice completely deplorable... whaddayagonnado?

5. Winona Ryder - Mr. Deeds

Ahh... Winona.  Just as fresh faced and lovely now, well into your forties, as you were in your twenties when we saw you for the first time in that movie 'Lucas'.  And we are so happy that you fared better than some of your co-stars in that movie considering Corey Haim is dead and Charlie Sheen is insane.  Sure, there was that shoplifting incident a few years back, but Winona told us that she was researching a role, and if Winona tells us she was researching a role, then by golly... she was researching a role.  The movie 'Mr. Deeds'... well I'm sure we saw it, but we sure don't remember anything about it other than the fact that the beautiful woman we reme…

A Workplace Tragedy...