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Zero and One

I know this blog thing is alleged to support the FCU website but it's fall and I haven't been sitting on my ass watching many movies lately and have instead been sitting on my ass watching football. When I was a kid NFL opening day was a bigger deal than Christmas Day with my Dad, older brother and eventually even my sister gathering around to break down game film. We loved us some football baby. Now that I'm an old man opening day isn't nearly as important to me as it used it to be but it does still does possess some cache. And this opening day is doubly important because this is the year my Lions rise from the ashes!

Or maybe not. Saints QB Drew Brees and his good friends Colston, Shockey, Henderson, some cat named Bell and some of the fans from the stands played pitch and catch for sixty minutes while my Lions looked on and took notes. Were the Saints malicious they probably could've hung a hundred points on us but they kindly stopped at 45. The Saints sp…
God Bless the Internet.

It is because a movie that I recently watched called 'Angel of Death' that I got turned on to as "Angel of Death' started out life as a web series on their sight. This in turn directed me to their rather eclectic list of web shows including ‘Mommy XXX’, a reality show about a porn star trying to raise her kids amidst the always supportive world of adult entertainment. Outstanding. I’ve never heard of this particular porn star Demi Delia but I do see that she is relatively ancient for an adult actress… she’s 40+… a number which relevant to more than just her age… but I imagine this makes her ideal for a certain genre of porn flick, as her IMDB filmography list would suggest and includes what I’m sure will be an instant classic… 'I Came in your Mom'. Outstanding. Actually the show is pretty damn entertaining. I’m talking about ‘Mommy XXX’ here as I have not and have no intentions of watching ‘I Came in your Mom’. Seriously.