Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Dangerous Man... with a Sitar.

So I'm going through my ZuneHD... note I could've just said 'MP3 Player' but where's the cache in that? But anyway, I'm going through my ZuneHD and the arduous task of tagging my tunes because a lot of the tunes are listed as 'Unknown'. Of course when one hears 'You Dropped a Bomb on Me' we know it's The Gap Band but now my MP3 Player... I mean my ZuneHD... knows as well. Then I run across this song titled 'Girl It's Alright'. I've never heard this song, I have no idea who is singing this song and I do not know how it got on my player but this song wasn't so bad. I actually had to Google the lyrics to find out who performed this song, but the funny thing is that every time I clicked ENTER, Google came back with Steven Seagal as the artist, no matter how many times I re-typed it in.

I knew that Steven Seagal had a musical album making the rounds, considering the man's a musician in addition to being a kung fu master and a master thespian, but I avoided his musical stylings because... well, it's Steven Seagal playing a sitar and crooning so who wouldn't avoid that? But seriously, the song isn't so bad, though I wish I knew how in the hell it made it on to my player. Seagal now follows a long list of actors of suspect acting ability making songs that aren't so bad. Don Johnson and 'Heartbeat', David Soul and 'Don't Give Up on us Baby', Eddie Murphy and 'Party all the Time'... and that's all I can think of right now. Clint Eastwood, Scott Baio, William Shatner, Keanu Reeves and Regis Philbin have all cut records too but I cannot attest to the quality of those musical compositions.

Anyway, here is Steven doing that OTHER thing that he does when he's not making an action movie a week.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Seriously? The boxing Hall of Fame?

Man... don't nobody love a 'Rocky' movie more than me. Rocky was a great sports movie, a great love story, a great drama... there was a reason that this movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture back in 1976 though I assign no value to arbitrarily assigned awards. And it is because of Mr. T's senseless snub in Rocky 3, an event that taught me that arbitrarily assigned awards by corrupt committee's have no value.

But the other day Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the boxing hall of fame. Seriously. A hall of fame that includes the likes of Ali, Frazier, Sugar Ray's Leonard and Robinson, Chavez, Hagler, Marciano, Dempsey, Duran, Graziano and now Rocky Balboa. Despite the fact that Rocky Balboa doesn't really exist. Now I'm not here to denigrate Sly in any kind of way because the man probably does belong in some kind of Hall of Fame. I have no doubt he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he no doubt deserves, and he probably even has his hands in that cement stuff in front of that Hollywood theater out there. And if there is a Hall of Fame for actors and directors and fictional characters and the like, he should be in that too.

But I don't know... it just seems the boxing Hall of Fame should be reserved for Boxers. Or Trainers. Or boxing reporters or even announcers. If Michael Buffer goes into the Boxing Hall of Fame, I don't anybody would be upset about that. And the truth of the matter is I'm not really upset about Sly being in the Hall of Fame, it just seems he doesn't belong there. If he's in then why not put Apollo Creed in the Hall of Fame since he was a great champion before those two titanic bouts with Rocky Balboa. And why stop there. Somebody could probably make a case that Roy Hobbs and the remains of Lightning Boy should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves) lit up the fake NFL in that movie The Replacements so lets put him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I believe Edwina Franklin won a championship for the Knicks in that movie Eddie so into the Hall of Fame goes Whoopi Goldberg and can anybody tell me why Paul Newman isn't in the Hockey hall of fame? I'm not joking, why isn't Paul Newman in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

In defense of Stallone's induction NESN writer Don Podheiser wrote; '...he, or his persona, at least, has arguably had a bigger impact on the sport than any other person over the last 40 years,' Of course that statement would include Muhammad Ali among others so I don't know about all of that but hey... it's their Hall of Fame and the can put anybody they want in there. Upon hearing the news about Sly I'm sure Robert DeNiro is waiting with baited breath for his induction letter. Even though he played a guy that was a real person who is already in the Boxing Hall of Fame so I'm not so sure how that would work out.