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A Dangerous Man... with a Sitar.

So I'm going through my ZuneHD... note I could've just said 'MP3 Player' but where's the cache in that? But anyway, I'm going through my ZuneHD and the arduous task of tagging my tunes because a lot of the tunes are listed as 'Unknown'. Of course when one hears 'You Dropped a Bomb on Me' we know it's The Gap Band but now my MP3 Player... I mean my ZuneHD... knows as well. Then I run across this song titled 'Girl It's Alright'. I've never heard this song, I have no idea who is singing this song and I do not know how it got on my player but this song wasn't so bad. I actually had to Google the lyrics to find out who performed this song, but the funny thing is that every time I clicked ENTER, Google came back with Steven Seagal as the artist, no matter how many times I re-typed it in.

I knew that Steven Seagal had a musical album making the rounds, considering the man's a musician in addition to being a kung fu maste…

Seriously? The boxing Hall of Fame?

Man... don't nobody love a 'Rocky' movie more than me. Rocky was a great sports movie, a great love story, a great drama... there was a reason that this movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture back in 1976 though I assign no value to arbitrarily assigned awards. And it is because of Mr. T's senseless snub in Rocky 3, an event that taught me that arbitrarily assigned awards by corrupt committee's have no value.

But the other day Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the boxing hall of fame. Seriously. A hall of fame that includes the likes of Ali, Frazier, Sugar Ray's Leonard and Robinson, Chavez, Hagler, Marciano, Dempsey, Duran, Graziano and now Rocky Balboa. Despite the fact that Rocky Balboa doesn't really exist. Now I'm not here to denigrate Sly in any kind of way because the man probably does belong in some kind of Hall of Fame. I have no doubt he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he no doubt deserves, and he probably even h…