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Be a Fan of Totally Twisted Flix! Pleeeze....

Friends, Colleagues, Countrymen... this is your lucky day. People often ask me (not really) where they can catch my television show 'Totally Twisted Flix', the only TV Show in existence (to our knowledge) that only focuses on movies that are released Straight to DVD that is now in its THIRD season of production. The thing is not everyone subscribes to Dish Network which means they don't have Colours TV. And even those that do subscribe often don't make the journey all the way down to channel 9407 to watch this amazingly glorious television show. Well all of that is about to change. Kind of. In a way.

Introducing the Totally Twisted Flix Facebook Fanpage! Now this just isn't some randomly generated fanpage my friends, even though it may look that way, but as a Fan of Totally Twisted Flix not only will you be blessed with valuable clips lifted from the show featuring hard hitting reviews of important Straight to DVD movies... we're talking about life affirm…

Grid Locked!

Haven't updated the FCU in the last couple of weeks, mainly because we haven't watched a movie in the last couple of weeks because we have been in Super Sunny Los Angeles California covering the Electronic Entertainment Expo. After spending a week in Los Angeles I have to seriously question why anyone would actively pursue living there unless you have an affinity towards concrete, overcrowding and traffic. And exorbitantly high liquor prices. And ten percent sales tax. And having four roomates. And no pro football team. Now if you like those things then L.A. is a virtual dreamland but I don't really care for high sales tax and constant traffic gridlock so me and L.A. didn't get along that well, but of course to each his own.

It took our crew almost two hours every day to make it from Studio City to downtown, despite the fact that Studio City is, what... fifteen miles away from downtown? And it really doesn't seem to matter what time of day either. You would …

A Badassery Amendment

A few posts back we listed what we thought were the baddest badasses in movie history, or at least out of the movies we've seen. Because of our somewhat narrow badass criteria there were no women on the actual list though a few did make it as honorable mention, but women were missing mainly because most of the female badasses in movies are driven by something outside of simply being badass. Usually it's some form of maternity.

Ah, but then we saw Donnie Yen's latest beatemup '14 Blades' which features this woman here, former Miss Hong Kong Kate Tsui as the character of Tuo Tuo. If ever there was a character born into badassness, here she is.

Like a true badass she doesn't say much and what little she does say is either an overt or a thinly veiled threat to kill you. She seems to be angry all of the time for no particular reason, her fighting skills are such that at one point during this movie Donnie Yen's character actually had to run from her and while s…