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I Miss Superman

I miss Superman.You remember that guy, right?Showed up for the first time back in 1938, bright red and blue costume, would eventually have a fly red cape, sported a yellow belt with his red underwear on the outside?Loved that guy.He went through some changes through the years, even found a way to get himself killed, but that was one righteous dude.Remember he was played in the popular media outlets, by George Reeves, Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Tom Welling and Brandon Routh for a minute?Also a positive, generally upbeat confident cat.He certainly was something.Even after DC kind of rebooted everything with their New 52, Superman did go through some changes, he didn’t seem so bright anymore and he started wearing his underwear on the inside, which looks weird, but he was still a generally positive guy.But something has happened with the cinematic Superman.Director Zack Snyder has turned this guy into a dark, brooding, aloof, somewhat insecure, indifferent weapon of mass destruction.…