Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best. Show. Ever.

A few months back a friend of my mine gives me the 411 on this Starz production of 'Spartacus Blood and Sand'. He tells me it's a good show. He tells me it has a little bit too much 'man on man love' for his tastes... but outside of that, it's a good show. Even though I don't watch much television when the football season ends but I do have that fancy u-verse with all the packages and what-not so I DVR this show. Never got around to watching it. A couple of weeks back combing through the DVR stuff I see this show and decided I should delete it to save some space, but before I do this maybe I should at least watch the first episode. That first episode was pretty good. Not great, but decent. Decent enough for to pick up the next episode the following day. That second show was even better and now I'm hooked in. Amazingly this pattern would continue as each show would be better than the show concluded with the 'KILL THEM ALL' episode. Baby, can't beat that with a stick. It got to the point I couldn't wait to get home from the job to watch the next show. Sure, I have the entire first season on the DVR and could just sit straight through but I wanted to savor this show.

'Spartacus Blood and Sand' has more violence, more nudity and more sex than probably any show ever made in the history of the universe. In fact before I started watching it I read a comment where some dude mentioned 'If you can get past the sex and violence it's a really good show.' I'm thinking to myself 'what's wrong with that dude? He must be some kind of girlie-man or something.' No, there is so much nudity and violence in the show you actually have to account for it and get past it. It's insane. But nudity and violence do not make for a good show. It's the characters that make this show great. It's the way, in only thirteen episodes, that the creators of this show brought these characters along, found a way to develop these characters into real people and forced the audience to care about their well being, or hope for their unceremonious demise as the case may be.

If someone were stupid enough to give me some money and let me make me a movie, that cat in the corner, Peter Mensa, would be in every movie I'd make. For no other reason than the man is big, mean and ugly and he can act. THIS IS MADNESS!!!

Apparently STARZ is readying a sequel, which I will not watch because it cannot get any better than KILL THEM ALL!!! Where in the hell do you go after that? Downhill, that's where you go. On a sadder note let's hope that Spartacus star Andy Whitfield beats the cancer that has stricken him and gets back to making the follow up to this show that I will not be watching. Best show ever. Sorry Sopranos and The Boondocks. Still love you though.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sympathy for the pedophile.

I finished watching the movie 'The Ghost Writer' mainly because it came so highly recommended by so many film critics and film watchers alike. It was a pretty good movie with some interesting plot twists but it was a thriller without a heckuva lot of thrills and it did run unnecessarily long. But I have to be honest with you... if I had known that convicted raping pedophile Roman Polanski had directed it, I probably wouldn't have watched it. I know this makes me look bad. I'm close minded and narrow minded. Seriously, this was over thirty years ago... get over it already. It was the 70's, the age of free love... sexually abusing kids was cool back then. Besides she consented. 13 year old girls make all kinds of wise critical decisions. Plus this cat made 'Chinatown' which should give him some leeway when it comes rape and pedophilia. No... no sir it does not. Roman Polanski is a convicted rapist and a pedophile, these simple facts are not up for debate, and after brokering a favorable plea deal he fled like bitch and has been on the run ever since. Still making movies, living the dream... as long as he doesn't venture over to the United States.

The main reason I had to write this was because after I read back my required review of 'The Ghost Writer' each time I referenced Polanski I prefaced his name with 'pedophile' or 'rapist' or 'child molester' which while completely true probably wasn't appropriate for that article. Since it was clear I had some things to deal with, I'll deal with it here.

It case you don't know the story a mother, who is not without blame, brings her 13 year old daughter to Jack Nicholson's crib for a photo shoot, Polanski plies the girl with booze and drugs and rapes her. Not statutory rape... rape. He's convicted, he flees. That's not cool. Over the years a lot of sympathy has been shunted Polanski's way by some of his Hollywood colleagues, particularly after his arrest in Switzerland where a petition was passed around and signed by some of his famous contemporaries to set the man free. Whoopi Goldberg made the comment that he should probably be exonerated since it wasn't 'rape-rape'. Whatever the hell 'rape-rape' is as opposed to not so bad 'rape' or maybe the even more abhorrent 'rape-rape-rape'. Washington post writer Anne Applebaum, who is clearly insane, comments that Polanski 'Did not know her real age', she mentions that Polanski had a rough upbringing being a child of the holocaust and pointed out that he's already paid his debt to society 'through lawyers fees' among other things. Hmmm, ignorance... not an excuse. Rough childhood... not an excuse. And having a lot of money to pay for lawyers doesn't equate to time served. But then that's just silly old me talking crazy.

Did Polanski deserve an Academy Award for 'The Pianist' back in 2003? Probably, it was a good movie. Did he deserve a freaking standing ovation? Hell no. What's wrong with these people? Jack Nicholson didn't stand. He's apparently opposed to forty year old dudes drugging and raping thirteen year old girls in his house. Asshole. A standing ovation for a bitch-ass rapist pedophile. Maybe if he had choked the little girl to death they would've awarded him the keys to the city.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jack Booted Thugs - Reborn!

One of the hot videos floating around is the one of those Georgia cops responding to a call from a fearful 57-year-old school teacher afraid that there was a prowler on her premises. Her reward for calling the police for 'help' was getting tazed repeatedly while begging them to stop electrocuting her.

This particular incident is just another in a long line of incidents of Local Law enforcement 'assisting' the public via electrocution. One of my favorites is the story of the man who called EMS for his grandmother... oh... read the sad tale for yourself... with some of these reckless tazings leading to death. You would think typing the words 'taser' 'old' and 'woman' into your favorite search engine would just lead you to some really strange porno sites as opposed to a list of articles and videos of cops actually tasing old women.

This is happening to the level where its clearly become a problem so the question is why do we have this upswing of manual police electrocutions taking place? Well, there the 'Hangover Factor' where it was really, really funny watching Bradley Cooper and his crew get repeatedly electrocuted by those Las Vegas cops in that movie. Of course our heroes were fine in the next scene a few minutes later and thus maybe these officers are unaware of the consequences of manual electrocution and maybe should stop watching wacky comedies.

Then there's the 'bitch-ass-punk' factor. A friend of mine... not me because I don't think this... but a friend mine pointed out that almost every bitch-ass-punk he knew in high school grew up to become a cop. Thus years of self worth and self-confidence issues are instantly resolved the minute they strap that gun to their hip. And since these bitch-ass-punks were bullied relentlessly in high school, they in turn bully old sick ladies with their portable electrocution devices, as a sort of revenge since they were such bitch ass punks back in the day. That's what he said, not me.

I tend to lead towards the 'Ease of Use /Lack of Consequence' factor. Here in Detroit our cops don't carry tasers, they only carry .45's. So if I have a .45 I'm going to seriously give it some thought before pulling it out and blowing you clean away. I'll do it, but I'm gonna give a little thought first. Not so much if I have a taser. At the slightest hint of a ruckus, instead of using the training that I was given to calm a situation down, I'm going whip out my device and electrocute you. Note that every time I shock you with my electrocution device you will bounce around on the floor like a dying fish which I will take as an 'aggressive movement' which is threatening my 'safety' which will force me to you shock again and again until you stop moving aggressively. Besides, it's just a few thousand volts as opposed to a bullet so you will recover. Eventually. Unless you die.

I used to think these things were a good alternative to assisting our beleaguered officers in keeping the peace, that is opposed to getting clean blown away but it appears I was wrong. I didn't figure on the 'I'm too lazy to do my job' factor which ultimately leads to the quick decision to electrocute on sight. Personally, I'll take my chances with a semi-literate cop trying to talk me out of situation with his holstered .45 than electrocuting me on sight.