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Best. Show. Ever.

A few months back a friend of my mine gives me the 411 on this Starz production of 'Spartacus Blood and Sand'. He tells me it's a good show. He tells me it has a little bit too much 'man on man love' for his tastes... but outside of that, it's a good show. Even though I don't watch much television when the football season ends but I do have that fancy u-verse with all the packages and what-not so I DVR this show. Never got around to watching it. A couple of weeks back combing through the DVR stuff I see this show and decided I should delete it to save some space, but before I do this maybe I should at least watch the first episode. That first episode was pretty good. Not great, but decent. Decent enough for to pick up the next episode the following day. That second show was even better and now I'm hooked in. Amazingly this pattern would continue as each show would be better than the show concluded with the 'KILL THEM ALL' episode. Ba…

Sympathy for the pedophile.

I finished watching the movie 'The Ghost Writer' mainly because it came so highly recommended by so many film critics and film watchers alike. It was a pretty good movie with some interesting plot twists but it was a thriller without a heckuva lot of thrills and it did run unnecessarily long. But I have to be honest with you... if I had known that convicted raping pedophile Roman Polanski had directed it, I probably wouldn't have watched it. I know this makes me look bad. I'm close minded and narrow minded. Seriously, this was over thirty years ago... get over it already. It was the 70's, the age of free love... sexually abusing kids was cool back then. Besides she consented. 13 year old girls make all kinds of wise critical decisions. Plus this cat made 'Chinatown' which should give him some leeway when it comes rape and pedophilia. No... no sir it does not. Roman Polanski is a convicted rapist and a pedophile, these simple facts are not up for …

Jack Booted Thugs - Reborn!

One of the hot videos floating around is the one of those Georgia cops responding to a call from a fearful 57-year-old school teacher afraid that there was a prowler on her premises. Her reward for calling the police for 'help' was getting tazed repeatedly while begging them to stop electrocuting her.

This particular incident is just another in a long line of incidents of Local Law enforcement 'assisting' the public via electrocution. One of my favorites is the story of the man who called EMS for his grandmother... oh... read the sad tale for yourself... with some of these reckless tazings leading to death. You would think typing the words 'taser' 'old' and 'woman' into your favorite search engine would just lead you to some really strange porno sites as opposed to a list of articles and videos of cops actually tasing old women.

This is happening to the level where its clearly become a problem so the question is why do we have this upswing o…