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The Great Christmas Movie Challenge - 2017

Last year we did something that I'm pretty sure Evil Kneival, Chris Angel or the Flying Wallenda's would ever do, and that was watch 30 TV Christmas movies in 30 days.  It was pure foolishness.  But this year we are back!  And while we can't do 30 in 30, we think we can do 25 in 25.  or fifteen.  or maybe just the one.  I don't know.  We'll see.

The guidelines are simple.  The movie has to be TV Christmas movie, or at least a Christmas movie in the spirit of a Hallmark / Lifetime / Ion / UPTv / TVOne Christmas Movie.  So there may be a few direct to DVD movies littered in there for all we know. 

We also have a few things we try to avoid to keep the selection process palatable, in that we probably won't watch any movies that focus exclusively on kids or animals... so Santa Paws is out... and as of this year Dean Cain is on that avoid list.  Which kind of cuts the movies we can watch by 65%.

Remember, the Vomit rating system is NOT necessarily an indicator of the…