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Now available for voice acting...

Admittedly, I haven't updated my cherished blog space in six months.  There are reasons for this, like I have real job that sucks ass and destroys my soul thus rendering me with incredible liberal guilt whenever I do something even slightly enjoyable, like this blog, or... I'm just a lazy ass.  But that's going to stop today!  Because speaking of jobs I am gunning for a new one... a Professional Voice Actor!

So I'm watching 'Despicable Me 2' and 'Monsters University' and observe that these cute little characters on the screen have to be voiced by somebody, so why can't that somebody be me?  I mean these gigs pay really well, and you can do them in your underwear!  If ever there was a job that was tailor made for my desires in life, getting paid a lot of money and being in my underwear, this is the one.

Of course you may ask yourself 'Christopher, are you qualified to be a voice actor?'  Uh... yeah.  I can read... and talk... at the same time…

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