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The Ladies of Adam Sandler - Pt. II

Continuing with Rolando's shameless and inexcusable objectification of the fairer species, and truly I'm no better since I'm allowing myself to be used as a conduit to this objectification, we will now examine the second tier of the Ladies who have played love interests to Adam Sandler in his various films. 

11. Fairuza Balk - The Waterboy

Some claim Billy Madison, others champion Happy Gilmore, and there are even those who side by The Wedding Singer, but I will always stand by The Waterboy as Adam Sandler's greatest cinematic achievement.  This brings us to Bobby Boucher's object of affection, Vicki Vallencourt as played by Fairuza Balk.  There might be prettier women than Fairuza, there might be more ample women than Fairuza, but Fairuza brings the beauty, the sexy, and the hint that at any given moment she could pull out a knife and stab you to death.  Brother, that's a level of dangerous edge living that all the money in the world can't buy. 

10.  Tea…

If I had been asked... Anatomy of a Spin-Off


If I had been asked... Agents vs. Arrow

If I had been asked, I would say I agree with the premise of the above statement, Arrow and Agents are completely different. Having watched season 1 of Arrow, and all of the episodes of Agents shown so far, I have made some observations that I would like to share.

Arrow is the superhero, and I would argue that even if the show wasn't about a DC hero (albeit on the b-beam of the justice league) it would still work. If it was called vigilante, or "the undertaking" its formula would still garner an audience on the CW, and it isn't because of the green arrow that people are sticking around. Also I read some of the links on that article, such as in the actors comments where Stephen Amell had to say.... "we are protective of the script".

Ok, Stephen, get off the salmon ladder and really read the script. Perhaps you shouldn't be so protective. Things like "Open you…

Introducing L. Sue...

If you've read some of the FCU reviews over the past year, you've probably read some of wise and intelligent comments of our colleague L. Sue who will now be sharing her wise and intelligent observations of all things about everything right here in this blog, usually starting with the title 'If I had been asked...'

Do Uncle Armstead a favor... if you like what she says, leave a comment.  If you hate what she says, leave a comment.  If you don't leave feedback she will stop writing for me and I can't have that.   Thank you for your cooperation.


The Ladies of Adam Sandler - Pt. I

Allow me to qualify the proceeding post by saying this was not initially my idea as it is well known that we are completely opposed to the objectification and exploitation of the female species in these quarters.  It's Rolando's idea.  He's completely down for the objectification and exploitation of women.  Not me.  That being said, since I'm the one with the blog and all, I will be the conduit of this objectification as we... err... I mean he rates the Women of Adam Sandler.  This came up because Adam, love his movies or hate them, has a true murderers row of lovelies that he signs up to play his various love interests, and from 18 to 12, here goes our opinion of their hotness.  Rolando's opinion.  I'm just providing moderation and supervision.

18.  Drew Barrymore - The Wedding Singer / 50 First Dates / Blended.

Look, I think Drew is beautiful, Rolando on the other hand doesn't get it.  I know, right?  But think of it this way, if one were to rank Porsche …