Thursday, May 27, 2010

Je'Rean is dead too...

I'm a Detroiter. Not a native since I came here to go to college twenty years ago by way of St. Louis, met and married a pretty girl and have been here ever since, but I still consider it my home. Just can't get with American League baseball. Detroit has been in the news recently. If the words 'Detroit' and 'News' are used in the same sentence then you know something beyond terrible must have occurred.

This time its about as bad as it gets as seven year old Aiyana Jones was shot to death, by a police officer's stray bullet, in an ill-conceived raid to corral a murder suspect. I imagine there will be a full investigation, the officer who fired the bullet will be reprimanded and probably suspended though I doubt he will serve any time but that will all take care of itself and that's not what we are here to talk about. It's everything else surrounding the death of Aiyana Jones that we are touching upon here today.

Before Aiyana's body hit the ground lawyer Jeffrey Feiger had already filed two law suits against the City of Detroit to 'help the family find closure'. Exactly. Aiyana might be dead but at least somebody's going to paid from it. That's turning a frown upside down where I come from. Aiyana's body might've been on the ground for about a minute before we got visits from both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Reverend Sharpton was here to deliver Aiyana's eulogy. Why? I think we have enough preachers here in Detroit more than capable enough to deliver an impassioned eulogy, negating the need for us to import preachers from New York City. The cynics amongst us would say that Reverends Jackson and Sharpton were only here to further exploit an already volatile situation to raise public awareness about themselves. But that's what a cynic would say, not me. We're not even going to mention the reality show that was taping all of this. Would the police officers have been so gung-ho if they didn't have to put on a show for the cameras?

My question is who flew in to eulogize Je'Rean Blake? That's the seventeen year old boy who got shot to death for looking at 34 year old Chauncey Owens the wrong way. Chauncey is the reason the reason the police were putting on a show for the cameras and Chauncey is the primary reason that Aiyana is dead. But as far as I know there's no fancy lawyers representing the Blake family, mainly because there's really nobody to sue since Chauncey Blake is probably broke, and there's no New York preachers flying in to eulogize a boy for looking at somebody the wrong way because that happens far too often and offers few exploiting opportunities.

Incompetent police officers tap dancing for a reality TV show shooting a seven year old child is an isolated incident. If a police officer shoots another kid in my remaining days in this city I will be surprised. If I make it out this month without hearing about some knucklehead shooting somebody for something stupid I will be surprised. Out of those two which one do you think is the real problem? The Lawyer is going to paid and paid well, the reverends have left town and found other incidents in other parts of the country to exploit and offer no solutions and Je'Rean Blake is just as dead as Aiyana Jones. But that would be a cynic talking and that's not me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh the Gayness of it all...

Everybody is all in a tizzy over Newsweek writer Ramin Setoodeh crapping all over poor Sean Hayes and his broadway performance as a straight man in the play Promises, Promises. To sum it up in a sentence the man, a gay dude himself, basically said folks just can't get around a gay man playing a straight man. Personally, I don't think that's entirely true. Sean Hayes could be cast as the next 'Rambo' for all I care, I don't give a damn, but he'd be Jack from 'Will and Grace' playing Rambo not Sean Hayes playing Rambo. I don't think the fact that Sean Hayes was gay in that show, and is gay in real life is the issue there. It's the fact that the character he played was so over-the-top iconically gay (iconically is not a real word by the way) and for sooooo long that's the issue. Eric McCormack was gay on that show too but he doesn't seem to have any issue going back to playing straight characters. I know the man isn't gay in real life but still... He was the straight man on that show, comically speaking, and you just suffered through he and Debra's Messing's tired problems just to get to Jack doing some funny gay stuff.

Take the sad case of Michael Richards. The man will die as Cosmo Kramer and there 's not damn thing he can do about it. He didn't go on that stupid tirade because he's a racist, he did it because he was frustrated at the fact that he is stuck with Cosmo Kramer until he hits the dirt. There are worst things of course than being filthy rich and assoicated with an iconic character on a popular TV show, but one Kramer heckler too many and its raining N-words. When Dave Chappelle spoke about doing his stand up act or walking through the airport with his kids and folks yelling out at him 'I'M RICK JAMES BITCH!', so afraid of being locked into that one little character the man walked away from 50 million dollars on the table. And then smoked a blount.

If I saw Jimmy 'J.J' Walker, right now, walk past my window... what do you think I'd say? you guessed it. DYNOMITE!!!!! I'd run out the house and yell DYNOMITE at Jimmy walker and hope he wasn't packing heat. And Good Times has been of the air for like thirty years. Lucille Ball went to her grave being a ditzy red head but she built an empire, and you would've been fool to underestimate Lucille Ball. And the examples pile up and up.

Can a gay dude sell an audience as a straight dude? I guess he can if he can act. Rupert Everett seems to do okay, that cat on Torchwood seems to do okay. Everybody else just keeps it safe and avoids the issue by staying nice a warm in the closet so they don'th have to worry about it.