Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get the App! Save the World!

I know sometimes your sitting in the subway, in traffic, in the tub and you're thinking 'There's just not enough Christopher Armstead out there.  I need more, and I need it now'.  I know I do, and I'm me.  Problem Solved!  Introducing for a limited time, like forever, for the amazingly low price of ZERO dollars and ZERO cents we present the Totally Twisted Flix Android Phone Application!

What?  Shut up!  No Freaking Way!   Yes Freaking Way my friends, right here by clicking this link you can have access to Totally Twisted Flix, the TV show that's for the people, all the dang time.  Hours upon hours of vintage shows at your fingertips 24 hours a day.  STOP PINCHING YOURSELF!  It is true.  

Plus, when we start shooting the new shows, whenever that's going to be, they will show up on the app first!  At the same time that they show up on our Facebook page and our YouTube Channel!  We call that exclusivity where I come from.

Don't fret you I-Phone owners as the I-Phone App is already finished, but Apple's draconian standards for quality control are an issue.  Apple.  I tell you.

Until then, to have me all the time, which still might not be enough... I know it's not enough for me... just click HERE!