Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ray Parker Jr... Action Star!

It is late to ask but this is what I want for Christmas people out there in the world who I don't know. I want this movie right here! So I'm sitting around listening to some Raydio, 'For Those Who Like to Groove' in particular which got to me thinking about my main man Ray Parker Jr. Before 'Ghostbusters' brought Ray into national prominence and completely destroyed his career he was one helluva an R&B heavyweight back in the day, so I curious to see what Ray had been up to lately.

As it turns out my man is still alive and making music but what go my blood a pumpin' was this movie 'Enemy Territory'. How come I didn't get the memo that Ray was in a 1980's Lethal Weapon type action flick? How in the hell did this slip by me? My next order of business was to acquire this movie by any means available. Went to Netflix but the idiots behind this movie haven't felt the need to turn it into a DVD. Have you seen the stuff they put on DVD? But not this movie, mainly because I want it. There is some cat selling an old VHS version on Amazon for ninety bucks but... well... I don't want to see the movie that badly. I suppose I could use some less than legal means to try to track down this flick but last time I clicked on a torrent link a few years ago I had to format my hard drive.

Oh well. It looks like we will have to appreciate Ray via old music videos, such as this one, one of my favorite Ray Parker Jr. joints, 'I Can't get Over Loving You'. Possibly the most disturbingly violent music video of all time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Blind Side...

I recently got back from seeing the movie 'The Blind Side' mainly because folks were telling me how great this movie was. Personally, I didn't care it for it all that much, some of the reasons I touched on back at the main site but it did get me to thinking about my days as a football player so many years ago. The movie talks about how important a Left Tackle is to a Quarterback and this is true. I was a Right Tackle but my quarterback was left handed. Mark Ahn, one of my very best friends in high school and one of my very best friends to this day was our QB and it was my job to protect his blind side. Unfortunately for Mark his blind side protector wasn't all that good.

I could mention that some of this poor play could be attributed to the fact that our football coach ran a bar and on the Friday nights before our Saturday afternoon games he would often entertain a few of his favorite players and serve us... I mean them... an alcoholic beverage or two, but I'm not going to mention that because that might've been against the law, even in the loose fitting mid 80's.

Anyway my good friend Mark spent an awful lot of time on his back or face planted in the mud and every once in a while we would see poor Mark lying on the ground with his neck twisted at odd angles. It was often amusing watching Mark scurrying around in the backfield running for his life eventually tossing one of his many interceptions. In retrospect I realize I probably should've been blocking somebody instead of watching my QB run for his life, but that is in retrospect.

Still, I always had my boys back. Every once in a while one of those sackers would get a little too frisky in slamming my QB to the ground and I was always the first to pull that loser off of my boy and totally eviscerate them. I was one of the toughest, meanest cats around after whistle blew baby, it was in between whistles where I struggled a little bit.

Ahh... memories. I'm sure Mark looks back fondly on those good old days, just as I do, as he struggles to get out of bed every morning.