So since it was March, which meant March Madness, a lot of various brackets about a lot of stuff starting showing up, as it tends to do in March.  Cinemablend did one bracket, which was based on franchises, which was kind of terrible, as pointed out by very clearly by Mashable writer Angie Han, whom me and my homegirl Lisa read regularly.   Problem with franchises is that invariably there will be terrible movies in them.  Terminator... great franchise, but gosh darn, then there's terminator 3 and Genesys, and whatnot dragging it down.  Star Wars!  Great Series!  but then there are the prequels dragging it down. 

So me and my homegirl, the aforementioned Lisa, decided to create a fantasy movie bracket which pulls the movies out of their franchises.  But there are some rules here to this bracket which we are sure will make some people upset, not even to mention the seeding.

For instance, we have limited franchises to four films.  Kind of like limiting the ACC to only four teams for the NCAA, but we felt it needed to be done, if only because of the Marvel factor.  What are they up to now?  19 Marvel movies?  And truth be told, unlike other franchises, there really isn't a a stinker in the bunch, so instead we had a inner Marvel Play-In tourney to keep the tourney from being Marvel-centric.  Which means no Civil War, No Guardians, no Thor 3...  It's an Outrage.   I Know.   My lifelong friend Lee will not take this quiz because of no Civil War, nor will my main man Earnest accept this quiz without the inclusion of Dr. Strange.  Now you might say "What about Spiderman Homecoming?"... technically, a Sony movie.  Same applies with the Star Wars movies.  None of the prequels made it in, and Rogue One got in ahead of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.  We apologize.  Blame Lisa.  I have no issues unjustly throwing her under the bus.

There are movies that you may feel don't belong on the list of all, but what is life without the inclusion of some lower seeds with a chance to pull off an upset?  It could happen.  Go Battleship!

Below is a PDF file, converted from an Excel spreadsheet, so you may have to blow it up a bit to see the actual entries.  It's totally worth it though.  Even though it's just an exercise in complete futility because we all know what the number one movie will eventually be.  Don't we?  Don't we?  Sure we do.


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