Limbaugh and the NFL? you've been hoodwinked.

So I'm watching Sports Center or the NFL Network, had to be one of the two since they're the only two channels I watch and I see that Rush over there is part of group interested in purchasing the St. Louis Rams. Now what's funny about this, and this is just my theory supported only by my own opinions, is that I'm almost dead positive that Rush Limbaugh has no real desire to own an NFL franchise. What little I know about the business of the NFL is that it loves stability, being middle of the road, and will do almost nothing to upset this train driven applecart which has given its 32 owners a license to print money. NFL Commissoner Roger Goodell's main function is to keep this gravy train rolling, just like his predecessor Paul Tagliabue and his predecessor the late Pete Rozelle. This is why when approached with the subject of Limbaugh Mr. Goodell doesn't say anything along the lines of yay or nay because that would mean getting out of the middle of the road. Rush Limbaugh knows this as well as anybody and he knows the NFL owners aren't going to vote in favor of him buying a franchise.

My theory is that Rush must've checked his ratings and observed that they slipped a quarter point or something so he called his boy Al Sharpton and asked Al what's the best way to drum up some controversey. Al probably thought for a bit then came up with; "I know, since it's football season tell 'em you're going to buy a team, that'll drive them totally nuts. And to further let everybody know how 'NOT' serious you are about this, suddenly show up on the TODAY show and give a bunch of combustable interviews where you attack everybody and their momma! I'm talking even old ass Habitat for Humanity Jimmy Carter... Yeah, that'll let everyone know how divisive you can be!"

Of course Al is on board with this because he hasn't been in the spotlight too much after Michael Jackson bought it so its a win-win with Al Sharpton banging the drum the loudest against this thing which will never happen. And it's worked like a charm. Folks are are all upset, the air waves are burning up with both sides yelling at other at the top of their lungs about this thing that will not happen with Rush, a virtual master of self-promotion, laying back, smoking a stogie and taking it all in. I'm even willing to bet the majority of NFL owners are all right-wing Republicans who probably agree with most everyting Rush has to say, but outside of Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones and maybe Arthur Blank these cats really don't like attention, they just want the loot to flow trouble free. If they were to approve Rush owning a team the spotlight switches from Tom Brady and Plaxico to them, and they would not like this. Rush knows this, Al knows this, I just wish everybody else knew this.


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