30 Days of Horrible Christmas Movies... Day Twenty-Three

My Christmas Dream (2016) - The Hallmark Channel

Yesterday's movie, 'The Christmas Choir', was all gritty and real and serious, to the point it was almost like a regular movie.  For today's movie I had to get my mind right... realign my priories.  I had see something that truly captured the essence of Christmas, at least the way Hallmark sees Christmas, and boy did the gods of TV Christmas Movies answer the call with this one, 'My Christmas Dream', a veritable prototype of what a Hallmark Christmas Movie should be.

Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) is the hard working manager of the biggest department store in town and she is ready for the Christmas rush.  Not Christmas... never had time for that... but selling stuff.  Today is a big day for Winnie because the owner of the chain, Ms. Victoria (Diedre Hall) is coming to visit and for some odd reason the CEO of this company has never met the manager of her biggest, most important store.  Moreover, Miss Victoria has a huge announcement.  They are opening their first chain in Paris and it needs a manager.  Did you know that Winnie loves Paris, speaks French, eats croissants all the time and thus considers Paris her true home?

Oh, but then there's Kurt (David Haydn-Jones) the strapping painter who Winnie was forced to fire earlier that day.  Kurt has an uber cute six year old in Cooper (Christian Convery) who has just one Christmas wish for Santa... that his dad be happy.

Circumstance throws these two back together.  You see Kurt is actually an artist who kind of lost his mojo when his wife left him a few years ago, and Winnie is up against it as she needs a bright idea for her store's annual Christmas display, and she has nothing.  Plus the Paris gig is kind of riding on her getting this right.  Together they join forces to come up with a display that will hopefully impress Miss Victoria and get Winnie the Paris job... but love is kind of getting in the way.

If Winnie gets the job... and she will... is she willing forsake everything she's been working towards FOR HER ENTIRE FREAKING LIFE to be with the house painter and the cute kid?  Do we seriously need to answer this question?  You see, while Paris used to be home, being in the arms of Painter Dude and holding Cute Kid has shown Winnie where home truly is.

If you like Hallmark Christmas movies... then you will love this Hallmark Christmas movie.  Even though I don't remember anybody dreaming about anything.  It is sappy and predictable and so sweet that I got a cavity just fifteen minutes in.  This one hits all the right beats at all the right times so that lovers of the genre never have to worry about anything happening that might upset them.  When old man Henry showed us that old photo of him and an unknown little girl standing in front of a store that one day would be McDougals dept. store, we knew that little girl was Miss Victoria and love would find these two old fogies once again.  Even though Diedre Hall is still pretty toasty despite the fact she's closing in on a hundred.  There are tons nice little predictable, sweet, disgusting nuggets of barfarific joy in this one.  In fact, the only way this movie could avoid that fifth vomit icon would be if little Cooper got hit by a bus in the end.  Don't want to spoil it... but it didn't happen.


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