30 Days of Horrible Christmas Movies... Day Twenty-Seven

A Husband for Christmas (2016) - Ion TV

This one was rough people and we love Vivica Fox.  I thought 'A Boyfriend for Christmas' was tough sledding with it's insidious message, but it had nothing on 'A Husband for Christmas'.  Which I guess makes sense since a husband is of a higher stature than a boyfriend I guess.

Brooke (Vivca Fox) is a graphic designer for some company that is about to go through a merger and she's fearing for her job.  Her fears only heighten when she meets Roger the Charming (Ricco Ross), the British graphic designer for the other firm.   But surprise, surprise, not only does Brooke's boss (Eric Roberts) let her keep her job, but he also gives her a huge promotion as head of the department.  Here's the thing though... Bossman wants Roger to stay in the country to work for him and instead of going through the normal, regularly accepted avenues of immigration, he wants Brooke to marry Roger, which is like super illegal and a worn out technique even when Andie McDowell and Gerard DePardieu tried to pull it off, but that's what he wants.  And Brooke's huge promotion kind of rides on her doing this.

So these two agree to this craziness, they don't get along, then they do and love will flourish.  Some hater at the office  calls the INS and their love is danger.  There's all kinds of other stuff going on in this movie such as Brooke's sister engaged to Brooke's ex boyfriend who she's not completely over.  Then there's Roger's very nice British girlfriend who he was going to propose to at some point, but will no doubt get unceremoniously dumped before this movie is over.  And Brooke has a best friend who will also get dumped by her boyfriend before this movie is over, which will limit her self-worth to zero.

Eventually everything will work out swell with Brooke saving Roger at the airport right before INS was about to deport him, with everybody at the airport, including the INS and TSA agents, all singing a rousing edition of Jingle Bells.  I can't make this stuff up.

Again here we go with the story of some woman with a fake boyfriend, which for whatever reason is an incredibly popular trope for these Christmas movies.  And here we go again with the tale of another woman who seems successful, but really isn't because she has no man.  I only know this because pretty much every body in the movie says as much.  Brooke's best friend, her mom, her sister, her boss... and the dialog attached to these conversations was pretty horrific.  Then we have to deal with the utterly ridiculous concept of a major corporation ignoring common corporate visa's and making their employees marry immigrants so they can work here, but whatever, we'll go with it.

At least there was plenty of Chrismassy stuff, wise old people giving sage advice, the prerequisite Christmas Tree shopping scene, lots of Christmas songs and of course the closing Jingle Bells number, but I'm not sure even people who watch these kinds of movies would like this movie.


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